A growler is nestled in home-grown hops at the brewery

The Pearl Street Growler Sustainability Project
There’s something to be said about bringing your beer home from your local brewery straight from the spigot. It’s the freshest possible way to enjoy your favorite craft beer. And it’s the most sustainable way as well. We encourage our environmentally conscious customers to partake in our Growler Sustainability Project. It saves on packaging, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and Pearl Street Brewery’s ecological footprint on the planet. Here’s some added incentive to drink your beer as “greenly” as possible. If you save 10 six pack carriers of any of Pearl Street Brewery’s beers and turn them into the brewery for re-use, we’ll reward you with a FREE growler fill.

Have Your Fill AND Win a PSB Hoodie!
If the warm fuzzy feeling of doing something good for the environment isn’t enough, each time you get your growler re-filled, we’ll enter your name in the drawing to win a brand new Pearl Street Brewery Hoodie! Get more details at The Tasting Room.

History of growlers…….Back In The Day

Before bottles and cans took over as the dominant container for off-premises beer consumption, people commonly used half-gallon tin buckets with lids to transport beer from the local saloon to drink wherever they pleased. These tin buckets were commonly referred to as growlers. There is much speculation about the origin of the name, but my guess is the name came from the sound the lids made when bubbling with carbonation from a fresh pour of beer.
It was estimated that at the beginning of the 1900s, (roughly) two-thirds of beer sales at saloons went to off-premises consumption in growlers. Growlers were extremely popular because they were about half as expensive as drinking in the saloon and they allowed you the freedom to drink anywhere you wanted.
Growlers made beer drinking a very social activity. The large half-gallon size made them best for sharing. Men, typically during lunchtime, would hire children to fill up their growlers at the saloon, what they called “rushing the growler.” Women during the day were known to have “growler groups” where they would socialize over a growler.
The saloon keepers resented growlers because they were not very profitable, but popular demand forced them to sell growlers until bottles and cans took over.

The Modern Growler

A modern reincarnation of the growler is becoming increasingly popular with the rapid growth of small craft breweries in the US. The modern growler is a half-gallon glass jug with a resealable cap. Brown glass helps protect the beer from sunlight.
Pearl Street decided to reincarnate growlers, because growler beer is typically fresher and has a different taste from bottled beer.
Modern growlers typically last about one week, or more unopened, or a few days once opened. With fresh ber available right from the brewery, it’s becoming more and more convenient to just pop in to pick up a growler the day you want to drink some fresh beer, like it was “back in the day.”
Growlers are still approximately half as expensive as drinking in a bar, and growlers even compete with store-bought bottled beer in price.

Pick One Up Today!
You can pick up a growler of your favorite Pearl Street Beer at the brewery during business hours. We charge a deposit on the bottle, which can be brought back to the brewery after you have enjoyed your beer, and swapped out for a fresh one! We recycle the growlers over and over again, thus eliminating a bunch of unneeded packaging material.

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