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The BreweryOur brewery started with a dream and a 1984 Eagle Wagon and trailer packed with brewery equipment driven here from Colorado by an ambitious young brewer and his Dad. After a long and tumultuous journey involving disaster and triumph;  joy and heartache ~  they began to build. Following fourteen months of design, building and construction they finally fired up the brew kettle for the first time in December of 1999. Although the brewery was tiny and tucked in a basement on Pearl Street, the celebration and Grand Opening was enough to attract throngs of flavor starved people and get Mayor Medinger to tap the inaugural keg.

We have come a long way since. Today we brew, bottle and keg our beers from our new home in the historic La Crosse Footwear building with our expanded 30 barrel brewery. The new brewery has over six times the brewing capacity of the old Pearl Street Brewhouse. And while we spent the first 8 years slinging brews out to nearby pubs and restaurants in draught kegs only, in July of 2007, we unveiled bottled beer in six packs and cases.

Now Pearl Street Beer can be found on tap in most restaurants and bars and on the shelves of retailers around the Coulee Region and beyond. In the Summer of 2010 we have expanded our reach to distant parts of the state. We self-distribute our beers all the way to Madison, Green Bay, Marshfield, Oshkosh and many places in between. Find out where.

One great addition to our brewery is the Tasting Room & Gift Shop which opened its doors in November of 2007. Now, beer enthusiasts can come and see everyone hard at work in the brewhouse, sample our handcrafted brews, tour our facility and pick up souvenirs in our gift shop. We have live music and cold beer! You can get on the Pearl Street email list to receive timely email updates about upcoming beer releases and brewery events delivered right to your inbox. Just send us an email by clicking here!

The Crew Behind the Brew

Everything and everyone at PSB has a down-home mentality. We attribute the fine quality of our beers to the great men and women who make it happen. Stop in and get to know the people behind your favorite brew.


Anthony Katchever a.k.a. Tone Capone

Founder, Owner, Quality Control (wink, wink!) Although he lives in Port Washington (“Lakeside”), Tone remains an integral part of the brewery. His hobbies include working on his perpetual architectural fantasy and driving long distances to hang out with his cutie-pie granddaughter…and have a fresh PSB pint, of course!





Joseph Katchever a.k.a. Brewmaster

Owner, Founder, Brewmaster, Production Manager, Beer Aficionado, and all-around bad-ass, he truly immerses himself in his work. He is living proof that where there’s a will…there’s definitely a way. Hobbies include beer, brewing beer, drinking beer, talking beer, cooking stir-fry, burning down the road on his chopper, and sampling his own wares.




Tami Plourde a.k.a. Beer Mistress

Chief Beer Ambassador and Administrator of Sales/Marketing, or as her favorite coffee mug reads: “Queen of F***ing Everything”. She only breaks for a steamy, spicy bowl of Pho or an ass-kickin’ Insanity workout with Shawn T! When she’s not holdin’ down the fort here at PSB, you’ll find her burnin’ up the tar on her Sporty, catching up on Hollywood gossip, and chillaxin’ in her hot tub.




Dillon a.k.a. Dilly

Dilly is Mr. Pearl Street Brewery around town in all of the bars and restaurants that carry our beers. More specifically, he’s our La Crosse Area On and off-Premise Beer Ambassador. And he takes his job seriously. He’s waaaay into music and you can pretty much hear him belting out lyrics at the top of his lungs while he’s working. Hobbies include listening to Joe Rogan radio, ranting and raving about the injustices of the world and  slappin’ some bass guitar. When he’s not peddling beer, he’s teaming up with his cohort Joe Smader for his Maybe Not – Maybe So radio show on RAQ Radio. Tune in on Tuesday nights if you want to know what’s up!




Mitch Parr a.k.a MIAAAATCH

Mitch wears a shirt that says “I love Chemicals”. Luckily for us, he also loves beer. As our Head Brewer/Chemist, he takes care of brewing, filtering, and quality-controlling all the tasty PSB brews we all love. When he’s not throwin’ down in the brewhouse you can find him tearing up the bowling lanes or enjoying a good ol’ slice of pie. His favorite is fresh strawberry, but he’ll tell you he doesn’t discriminate.










The Sprout….a.k.a Adele Moon… a.k.a Junior Brewmaster

Sprout joined our brewery family 5/31/09 and has already made quite the impression with beer (and baby!) enthusiasts alike. Although she might just be a pencil pusher as of now, she’s already established herself as The Boss. Hobbies include toolin’ around the brewery on her trike and moonlighting as Simple Rogues’ newest tambourine player and backup dancer.


Casey Barth a.k.a Black Barth

You’ll find Casey cruisin’ around town in the big gnarly PSB van (or cruisin’ down the Westby Ski Jump hill on a sled!) delivering our tasty beer to our favorite local establishments in and around La Crosse. When he’s not delivering PSB to the masses, you’ll find him folkin’ it up with his band, Pigtown Fling, all around town…including our very own Tasting Room every Wednesday night. What can we say, it’s always good to have a resident rockstar!




Caleb Kozla – a.k.a Kaleeb (Florida Boy)

Who’s crazy enough to pack up and ditch eternal sunshine, deep-fried gator and year ‘round golfing and thongs? This guy and his lovely fiancee Sara. Why? For the craft beer of course! Okay, PSB might not have been the Number One reason they left the Sunshine State, but it’s the Number One reason they stay. He’s our trusty Go-to Guy: Cellarman, Bottling Guy, Bartender, Tour Guide, Sample Giver-outer, Tall things reacher-downer, and, of course, Quality Control man. Now someone please tell him: It’s been two years…time to buy some snowpants already!




Dan Budziszewski a.k.a Buddah

When Buddah tagged along on a bus trip with 30-odd members of a distributing company from Milwaukee to PSB for an open-house, he had them in a sing-along about our D.T.B. before they even pulled in the parking lot. That’s how much Buddah loves him some PSB! La Crosse was the long-time stompin’ grounds of our enthusiastic new Brand Representative, but now he’s sharin’ the PSB love all over his current hometown of Milwaukee. He even cruises up to Green Bay, down to Kenosha, over to Madison, and stops everywhere in between. If he’s not holding a beer tasting or educating folks about our brewery somewhere on the east side, you’ll find him jammin’ on the keys and singin’ along with his newest musical endeavor: Mischa Siegfried and His Band.


Briana Rupel a.k.a Brisus

The newest addition to the Marketing/Administrative team, Bri gets to dream up fun promotions and help coordinate our awesome events, but she doesn’t stop there. Our resident Grammar Queen is getting the full PSB tutorial in everything from learning to drive a pallet jack to making sales in our surrounding markets. When away from home base you’ll find her slingin’ Bloody Marys at a beloved downtown stalwart, tricking her co-workers into hanging out with her after hours by signing everyone up for intramural sports leagues, or spittin’ some sweet ‘90s hip-hop karaoke in order to live out her rockstar dreams!




Pickles a.k.a Jesse Jergenson

Sure, you can call Pickles by his real name, but that would just be weird. Pickles kegs. Pickles bottles. Pickles prefers Pearl Street Pale Ale. Pickles pours potent potables into a pickle-patterned flask. No word yet on if he picks pickled peppers, but he does like telling the story of how he got his name. So if you catch him when he’s not tinkering around filling up containers with beer, buy Pickles a Pale and ask him about it (say that 10 times fast…)!


Carrie Staehly a.k.a CJ a.k.a Auggie’s mom

Our resident Designer is nothing short of stylie. We’d say she makes beer look better… but is that really possible? When we’re not locking her skills down here, she’s out for a walk with her hounds Auggie and Tinsley, riding co-pilot on the back of her hubby’s Harley, or cruisin’ on the river. Her claim to fame is her infamous wedding amidst the 100-year storm in the Coulee Region.



Erin Moore a.k.a Emo

Erin’s never been known to turn down a shift, so you can bet you’ll run into her at the Tasting Room. She knows how to sweetly pour you a pint, but we’ve seen her shoot tequila with the manliest of men. Known to have quite the green thumb, if she’s not chasing around after her son Shay, she’s diggin’ in some dirt somewhere making pretty things grow!




Cassandra Durack

Meet one of our newest bar hosts. This girl is on a mission to tour every brewery in the state, that’s how much she loves tasty craft beer. Luckily for us, she’s made PSB her home base and would love to school you on any beer your heart desires. Need a boost before your beer? She’s also a barista at Root Note. Ask her to whip up a foamy espresso creation for you… we hear she makes some mean latte art!


Darcey Cody

She’s another of our newest lovely bar hosts. Darcey loves Sundays with her family, Packer Football, and everything ’90s. When she’s not running her own daycare business or perfecting her omelette-making skills, you’ll find her happily pouring you some suds at the Tasting Room! Did we mention she named her mini Doberman Pinscher after the Ladies’ Man himself, Leon Phelps? Now how cool is that?!




Farewell to The Harders

For some, a new year signifies new beginnings, as it was for our loyal co-workers and friends Jen and Joe Harder. They kicked off 2013 by packing up some essentials and heading west to Oregon where greener pastures await. Though they are already missed, we wish them the best of luck on the ol’ Pacific Coast. They left us with big shoes to fill… and really big houseplants, which you’ll still find all over the Tasting Room. Cheers, guys!






Isa La Rue a.k.a Hound (HD)

Isa’s our resident D-O-Double-G, though she’s more introverted when it comes to us humans. If you’re playing Ping Pong though, she’ll love you forever…just watch out, she gets excited around balls.



Francis a.k.a Frankfurter D or Francis Aardvark

Our beloved Hound Dog who will be forever loved in our hearts!

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