No More Romance for the Bandit County Fair

If you haven’t already heard we’ve had a lot of rain down here in Southwest Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois alike. We might be soggy but our spirits are still up and the show must go on. This is especially the case for the Bandit County Fair, which was originally scheduled to be at the Romance bar in Romance, WI. Well, that location is currently under water.

But that’s alright because all you live music, camping, great craft beer drinking enthusiasts can count on the same Bat Time with a new Bat Place.

So here’s the dealio peeps. Head on down to Gunners Bar and Campground in De Soto, WI. Just follow the River going south out of La Crosse and you can’t miss it. Pack up your gear cuz you’ll want to be pitching your tents guys…(and gals) for the weekend. Festivities kick off at noon on Friday the 13th – oh quit knocking on wood, what more could possibly happen? Oh yeah, more rain. K- go ahead and say a few Hail Mary’s and get packin’. Rain or shine this party must go on.

What to expect? Why the best craft beer around for one thing. You can expect to drink any one of your favorites from the Pearl Street Brewery straight off the spigot. Mmmmm…Beer!

There will also be some grub served up by the Train Station Depot and some delicious za. Anything else you need…I’m sure you can improvise. Otherwise check in at Gunner’s Bar and see what’s shakin’ in there.

The line-up of music couldn’t possibly be any better. Headliners will be your favorite rockin’ grass-n-roll band the Smokin’ Bandits. But be sure to shake your booties to the rest of the fantastic local and out of towner bands.

Tickets are still on sale for $25 for the weekend which includes music and camping. But if you can’t get your shit together then head on down there and get a ticket at the gate for $35. That’s just 5 less beers you’ll be enjoying.

Fun times will be had by all. For more information check out

Cheers! We’ll see you there.

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