Spring has Sprung! The Evil Twin is coming!

Bock beer is an ancient Germanic beer style. The original Bocks were dark beers, brewed from high-colored malts. Modern Bocks can be dark, amber or pale in color. Bock was traditionally brewed for special occasions, often religious festivals such as Easter or Lent. Traditional bock was a favorite for the Roman Catholic monks during lent. Bock beer also means that Springtime is right around the corner! Bock beer has morphed into many variations over the millenia. One favorite of mine is the Mai Bock, or May Bock. This version is lighter in color and slightly drier, or less malty than a traditional bock. The beer now resting in my fermenter is a Mai Bock, or more like a Double Mai Bock, as I decided not to skimp on the crystal malts and that delicious maltiness that comes with them. It comes in at 7.5% ABV.  For hops,  I used German Perle for bittering and finished with French Strisselspalt.

The name? Evil Doppleganger!

Join us Friday, May First at the Tasting Room and see how this year’s Spring seasonal turned out! Come taste the Evil Doppleganger! We open at 4:00. Since there will only be a few kegs, this limited release beer will only be on tap at the brewery. Prost!

4 Responses to “Spring has Sprung! The Evil Twin is coming!”

  1. Patrick Tegen Says:

    This sounds excellent. Just had my first taste of Dankenstein, and I love it. I’m excited to try Doppleganger.

  2. Johnny Montez Says:

    I’m voting for the Dank!!!!Bottle the Dank!!

  3. Jake "Thrilla from Manilla" Maguigad Says:

    I loved the Doppleganger Joe. Next time I come up I’m bringing home some growlers with me.

  4. Jake "Thrilla from Manilla" Maguigad Says:

    I Loved the Doppleganger! Next time I’m in town I’m bringing back some growlers for your Madison fans.

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