Harvesting of the hops!

The days have begun to shorten and the temperature is slowly coming down from the sweaty 90′s to the warm70′s. This means the hops are beginning to ripen on the vine outside the brewery. September is hop harvest season. Hops growing at the breweryMike and Allie have already started picking the ripe ones while Cliff and I have built a custom made hop drying rack out of recycled Footware stuff. As the hops ripen, we will pick them and soon be brewing up a delicious, wet-hopped Harvest Ale!

Wet hopping (sometimes also referred to as fresh hopping or green hopping) is where freshly-harvested wet hops are used directly in the brewing process skipping the drying process. This imparts much stronger, and different, flavour and aroma qualities to the beer than what dried hops would do.

If you would like to see what fresh hops look like and want to enjoy a delicious beer while doing so, come on down to the Tasting Room and check it out! If you want to pick some hops for use in our Harvest Ale we will not only let you but we will pay you in beer! Pick a pound of fresh hops and we will buy you a pint! How cool is that?

2 Responses to “Harvesting of the hops!”

  1. FatMoDean Says:

    I’d rather keep the hops than get a free beer. I can buy myself a Downtown Brown at Blue Moon, but hops…..

  2. Matt Sweeny Says:

    Now if we could just get more local brewers to produce an annual harvest brew, wet hop brews would be a perfect fit for all the small scale hop farmers who don’t want to pay for pelletizing their hops.

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