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Pearl Street Brewery Gets FESTIV…als!

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

This week, Pearl Street Brewery will be doing an explosion of beer tastings all over  the Green Bay and Fox River Valley, celebrating the roll-out of their beers in this thirsty part of the state.

The demand for PSB beer has grown exponentially over the last few years. We, here at the brewery, have expanded and upgraded our equipment and done a lot more brewing to meet some of the demand. We’ve also added some new faces around here to help get our beer out there to our fellow Wisconsinites who want it.

This week, we are excited to announce that we are officially expanding our reach throughout the Fox River Valley all the way up to Green Bay. As a self-distributing brewery, we are able to provide the best quality service to our wonderful customers and make sure only fresh and delicious Pearl Street beers get placed in their hands. This week, we are working even harder to make sure all of our new stores have our beer on the shelf. We will be hosting beer tastings at seven locations throughout the new territory on this week with our entire staff.*  If you are from the area, come on down and say hello, if you know some people from the area, please forward this message to them so they can get acquainted with the PSB beers for FREE!

Tasting schedule is as follows:

Thursday in Fon du Lac: : Festival Foods 1125 E. Johnson Street from 5-7:00

Friday in Appleton: Festival  East Van Roy Road 3-4:30 and Festival Northland from 5-7:00

Friday in DePere: Festival Foods 1001 Main Ave from 3-4:30

Friday in Green Bay: Festival Foods West, 2250 W. Mason from 5-7:00 and at Festival East, 2534 Steffens Court from 5-7:00

Friday in Oshkosh: Festival Foods, 2415 Westowne Ave from 2-4:00

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