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Favre Jets Back to PSB Thanks to Fathead

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Well, the mystery continues. Some jerk made off with our touchdown celebrating Favre – forcing our beloved Fathead to an eternity of celebrating with…one arm AND with strangers. But, we’ve still got his throwing arm clenching a victorious fist on our wall…but that’s all we have left.

And while some evil doer is out there getting what’s coming to him, the kind people at Fathead made sure we got what’s coming to us. A replacement Favre. They generously replaced our missing Favre with a brand new pose. While our victorious limb stays suspended in TD celebration, our new guy is rolling out for a pass right next to him.

Did they send him in a Packer jersey or a Jets jersey? Well here at PSB he’ll always be a Packer. When I say he Jetted to PSB, I’m thinking they sent him UPS freight or something like that.

Thanks Fathead. You’ve sure appeased an inconsolable Brewmaster. All is right in the world of beer again.

Celebrity bartender tonight! Have a pint on him! More news…

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Tonight the Pearl Street brewery has a very special guest bartender…it’s the Brewmaster himself!! He will be there to dazzle you with his mad bartending skills and pint-pouring prowess. On top of that, he has offered to buy a beer for anyone wearing an, “I VOTED” sticker, too.  So for those who have done your patriotic duty, you will be amply rewarded with a fine beer (made in USA).

We have other exciting news, too….

We deliver our own beer. That’s always been the Pearl Street mantra. That way, you see, we can keep in touch with our friends who operate all the great bars and restaurants around here and make sure they get first rate service. In recent years, we have been stretched thin because more and more places want the PSB beer. Nicky B has been driving all over SW Wisconsin delivering beer for over a year now, while the lovely and talented Miss Plourde has made sure all who need PSB beer in La Crosse have a cooler full.  Still, more people are calling for the beer and we can’t keep up.

Finally, we have found a family-based beer distributorship who shares our same honesty and dedication to customer service and have agreed to let them take our beers to places beyond our reach! We are all very excited! If you don’t live in our distribution area, but have wanted your favorite watering hole to get Pearl Street Beer, now’s your chance to let them know they can. Tell them they can call Trausch Distributing at (608) 326-6451 and ask for Ken or Eric.

As for our customers in La Crosse County, don’t worry, the Pearl Street crew will still be taking care of you.

Miss Allie Mader has decided to return to school and the Tasting Room is looking for a new beer Ambassidor to take her place. The job includes serving beer to customers of the Tasting Room, giving brewery tours, attending off-premise beer tastings and events and being generally hospitable! If this sounds like something for you – stop in and talk to Tami, or call her during the day at 784-4832


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