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Harvesting of the hops!

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

The days have begun to shorten and the temperature is slowly coming down from the sweaty 90′s to the warm70′s. This means the hops are beginning to ripen on the vine outside the brewery. September is hop harvest season. Hops growing at the breweryMike and Allie have already started picking the ripe ones while Cliff and I have built a custom made hop drying rack out of recycled Footware stuff. As the hops ripen, we will pick them and soon be brewing up a delicious, wet-hopped Harvest Ale!

Wet hopping (sometimes also referred to as fresh hopping or green hopping) is where freshly-harvested wet hops are used directly in the brewing process skipping the drying process. This imparts much stronger, and different, flavour and aroma qualities to the beer than what dried hops would do.

If you would like to see what fresh hops look like and want to enjoy a delicious beer while doing so, come on down to the Tasting Room and check it out! If you want to pick some hops for use in our Harvest Ale we will not only let you but we will pay you in beer! Pick a pound of fresh hops and we will buy you a pint! How cool is that?

Stop by the Stomp the Swamp at the Hideaway

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Last August it rained. Then it rained some more. And when you thought it couldn’t rain any harder – It rained a ton more. I don’t have to go into details. Nobody needs to be reminded of the Flood of the Century. Especially the Hideaway in Lower Chaseburg, Wisconsin. Jack and Carol and their pub/restaurant are the only inhabitants left. Somehow they persevered the disaster. Then came even more flooding this spring. Once again, The Hideaway was submerged half way under flood waters.

So, after surviving two massive floods undeterred, Jack and Carol are still in good spirits, serving up the finest food around and providing the areas best beer selection bar none. And while they themselves and their crew continue on business as usual, the floods have made their mark.

Instead of wallowing in the flood waters, the peeps at The Hideaway are doing what any great survivors do…They’re throwing a party!

Mark your calendars for Saturday August 23, 2008 from 5pm to 1am. Admission is FREE. There will be live performances by the Roddies and the Burnt Brownies. Jack will be grilling up some mouthwatering smoked pork loin sammies and more. And of course, the finest of libations will be flowing from the taps of the Pearl Street Brewery tap trailer. All five PSB brews will be making a bold appearance.

95.7 The Rock will be in the house from 7pm to 9pm.

Stop down and show your love to the Last Citizens of Lower Chaseburg!

For more details call The Hideaway

107 Mill Street (Lower Chaseburg)


$100 reward for the return of the armless Favre

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Summer is whizzing by! So much has happened in and around the brewery. Our openings here at the brewer have been filled. We have a new Beer Ambassador, Allie Mader who you can find working at the Tasting Room from Tuesday through Saturday. She is an artist and quite a good conversationalist, so come on down and see her! We also have a new delivery driver you may have seen around town hauling kegs like a mad man. His name Is Dillon aka Big D, but around here we just call him The Meat.

The homebrew conest Randy Hughes (Brewmaster at City Brewery) and myself judged at 95.7 The Rock was a blast. Lots of good beers More on that under the What’s Brewing section here on the site.

On another note, some person stole the 7 foot tall Brett Favre Fathead out of the men’s bathroom at the brewery on Wednesday evening, July 30th. The brewery is offering $100 reward to information leading up to catching the perpetrator of this shameful crime. Please stop in or call if you have any information. Brett’s throwing arm was left on the wall, so if you’ve seen this armless Favre Fathead come forward with the info.

Three members of the PSB team were featured in local satire newspaper The Second Supper over the last three consecutive weeks as part of their Social Networking column. The column is sort of a “get to know this person” thing and Allie, myself and Tami all revealed a little about ourselves.

The PSB has won yet another contest! A people’s choice contest at the Thirsty Duck Tavern featured a number of beers including three PSB brews and over the course of the month all member of their beer club voted PSB’s That’s What I’m Talkin’ ’bout Organic Rolled Oat Stout as the best overall beer!! Our fine Stout beat out a number of beers including Capital Brewery’s US Pale, Flying Dog’s Doggy Style, Moon Dog ESB from Great Lakes Brewing Company, Grand Teton’s Teton Ale and their Blonde, Breckenridge Brewery’s Avalanch Ale and Ambergeddon from the Ale Asylum. We are so proud of our li’l Stout. Must be all those Organic Rolled Oats. The Stout Also Beat out our very own DTB and Lucky Logger Lager, too. That’s OK, because the runner up was DTB!! Each month, the runner up rolls over and gets included in the following month’s contest. The Thirsty Duck Tavern out in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin is possibly our farthest-reaching account lying some 150 miles from here. Hell of a beer selection.


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